Nick Groom: An Undead Family Tree

In recent years, the vampire figure in films or novels could be found from time to time. It’s an eloquent case the vitality of such creatures. Nick Groom makes a conclusion that we should like them a bit more from the energetic study. It’s grateful that it doesn’t hanging around blood donor banks. On the contrary, Groom call on us to ponder about vampires and contemporary human beings’ condition.

Prior to conduct it, we need to know what we are doing. Groom often complains that vampires have been deviated from political and social problems, and become an archetype, where people need not to concern about something. For example, vampires have become more and more important at the end of the 19th century. Bram Stoker articulated fears involving the vampire’s fighting and biting. However, the fact is that Stoker’s count is form Transylvania, a place near a European locale.

It is probable that the vampires were similar to ailing British aristocracy to a great extent. They found themselves are difficult to keep their vitality in the period of agricultural depression.

That is to say Groom would like to compose a strict genealogy of vampires. So he started from the 18th century. Prior to this, there are numerous tall tales on the bloodsucking creatures. In Serbia, one could find the undead creature with ruddy complexions because of snacking on friends and family; there is also a folklore about the conjugal visit of vampires. After a conjugal visit and nine months later, a baby without skeleton will be given birth. A creature called Vrykolakas was rose from the dead and run around aggressively until some warriors of the island finding decaying corpse and digging out its hearts.

Enlightenment thoughts turned those nasty, ill-smelled roustabouts to vampires. Since the 18th century, scientists, theologians and doctors are all dedicated to collect and compose such terrifying folktales, and try to find reasonable reasons for them. It seems that such stories are imagined by drunk peasants after drinking too much beer. It is also a perfect manner to dump their panic to outsiders. At the same time, Protestants believe it’s useless to disseminate those thoughts.

In spite of possibility and impossibility, only to find that vampires turned to “the stuff of thought” after cultural encounter. It is believed that vampires are connected to many respects of the society, such as medicine, technology and theology, forming a kind of heritage to a certain extent. Some terrible news were diffused to many people. For instance, a boy who had received inoculation against smallpox started to eat the cud. People who received transplanted teeth from dead person were inclined to infect venereal disease from the dead person. The original teeth transplant is dangerous now.

Although human beings’ was limited by digital data, vampires still reminded there were something too slippery and weird to capture or record. To a great extent, related matters and conditions were regarded as something numinous. Nowadays, more and more similar novels are attractive for romantic stories, such as twilight and the like.

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